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Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort Can Be Best Buy at 2,999 INR

We all know Xiaomi produce good quality smartphones and TVs, and we all love Xiaomi products. Recently Xiaomi introduced a new pair of Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort in the Indian market along with other different products. Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort is launched in Indian market at 2,999 INR. These pair of Headphone will be available through the company’s website, Mi.com.

Xiaomi Mi Headphones Comfort Design and Overview

As the name suggests, Mi Headphones Comfort has been designed with the user’s comfort in mind. The company says that the headphone will not hurt ears of the user, even they use it for a long period of time. The company also says that the headphones also come with the Hi-Res audio certification. The Headphone features a lightweight minimalist design and comfortable headband with plush, soft PU ear cups that provide a good seal for noise isolation.

They feature a 3.5mm jack, which means you can use it with most smartphones, laptops and other portable devices.

Here is a tweet from Manu Kumar Jain

The Mi Headphones Comfort feature 1.4 meters long TPE stretchable audio cable with elasticity similar to that of rubber. Xiaomi claims the wires on the headphones are enviroment friendly and they are non-toxic and heat-resistant.

The control of the headphone is very interesting. You can control the headphone features with gestures. On the left ear cup, we find controls of the headphone, to take calls press once and to switch between music press twice or thrice for next track and previous track respectively.

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