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Top 5 Unique Features In RealMe 2

Here in this article, I’m going to tell you about Top 5 Unique Features in RealMe 2 device. Realme is the sub-brand of Oppo and it runs on colorOS 5.1 based on Android Oreo 8.1. So, all the unique features mentioned in this article will also be present in Oppo’s smartphones. Actually saying all the features are available in colorOS.

If you want to know more about RealMe then check this article Oppo Realme 2 Review. In this article, you’ll find all the things you want to know. Keeping these things aside let us talk about the features. Top 5 Unique Features are as follows:


On Realme 2 you can take a screenshot by just swiping your three fingers downward. You can disable or enable this setting in the settings option. Here are the path Settings > Smart & Convenient > Gesture & Motion and under others option you will get 3-Finger Screenshot. This feature will help you take a screenshot of your favourite thing quickly.

Split Screen

With the help of a split screen feature, you can easily use two applications simultaneously. Which will make your multitasking easy. To use this feature swipe up with three fingers and to disable it, swipe the separating line downward.

Assistive Ball

No doubt that Realme 2 has a huge screen, it comes with 6.2 inches display. So, small hand person can face trouble will navigating through the phone for them, this assistive ball feature will be helpful. To enable the assistive ball feature go to Settings > Smart & Convenient > Assistive Ball and enable it. Under operation mode you will get two option “Gesture Operations” and “Tap Menu” you can choose what you like.

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Unquie Feature in Notch Area

There are many unique and useful features in the notch area. When you play a video in full screen or while playing games in full screen you can use these features, to see the hidden features just swipe on the notch area. There you’ll get WhatsApp, messenger, message small windows you can use that small windows to chat while you are watching videos or playing games. Besides these, there are shortcuts to take screenshot, screen recording option. This will help you to record your games and you can share it with your friend or you can upload on YouTube.

Raise to Turn On Screen

Raise to turn on screen is a good feature, this feature helps you to turn on the screen by just raising the phone as the feature name suggest. To enable or disable go to Settings > Smart & Convenient > Gesture & Motion and under other, you will get Raise to Turn On Screen option.

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