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How to Play Games in Full Screen in Realme C2, Realme 3 and 3 Pro

Are you having a problem while playing games in the realme smartphone? You’re not able to play your favourite games in full screen. Some of the realme users are facing this problem. Today here in this article we will discuss How to Play Games in Full Screen in Realme C2, Realme 3 and 3 Pro.

Realme C2, Realme 3 and 3 Pro comes with a beautiful water drop notch display. So, everyone will love to play games in full screen. To play games in full screen you need to enable some settings on your realme device.

When you open an app or game for the first it shows an option to run the app or game in a full-screen display. If you enable that option then you can use the application in full-screen mode.

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Now if you disable that option then you’ll not be able to use the application in full-screen mode. But don’t worry there’s a way to enable it manually.

By default, some games run in the full-screen mode because the developer has customized the games for full-screen display. Now if the games don’t support full-screen display then you can force the games to run in full-screen.

Enable Full-Screen Gestures

First of all, you have to enable Full-Screen Gestures Navigation. Here are the steps to enable gestures navigation if you are running on ColorOS 6.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Look for Convenience Aid in the settings menu

Step 3: Click on Navigation Keys. Inside you will find two navigation mode
a. Virtual Keys
b. Swipe-up Gesture

Step 4: Select Swipe-up Gesture and after that, you have to select your preferred gesture layout.

Step 5: Enable “Hide Gesture Guide Bar“. If you don’t like that white bar at the bottom of the screen.

How to Run Apps and Games in Full-Screen

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Open Display & Brightness settings

Step 3: Click on Full-screen display option and here you will get the list of apps and games installed on your realme smartphone.

Step 4: Now select the application you want to run in full-screen and enable “Notch Area Display“.

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