successor of Oppo Reno india

You might have seen that all of the Global mobile companies or non-Indian smartphone companies always launch their new product in other countries than launching it in India first. However, due to a huge demand for Indian smartphone users, Oppo has decided to launch its newest smartphone in India first.

Oppo commences its “India First Mission” with Reno’s Upgraded Version

Oppo’s “India First Mission” has been revealed by many tech experts. Even the company officially declared that it will launch its brand new phone in India first. After that, it would launch it in other countries. Now the best thing is that this smartphone will be the successor of Oppo Reno.

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Yes, you read it right. Oppo is all set to launch Oppo Reno’s successor. So if you are also a lover of smartphones, especially Oppo phones, then this new phone will be just the perfect one for you. However, the company has not yet disclosed the exact date of the launch. But according to the sources, it is expected that the company will launch this smartphone before Diwali so that they can boost sales in the festive season.

As you may know that all the smartphone manufacturer companies are in a cut-throat competition with each other, all these companies are launching smartphones frequently, every month. But all of them first launch their phones outside India. Later, the company launches that smartphone in India. This makes the Indian smartphone users pretty disappointed.

But now Oppo has come up with a solution, and they are going to launch Oppo Reno’s New Upgraded Version first in India that too before this Diwali. So now, you don’t have to wait long for buying a new phone because it will be right in your hand on the very first day of the launch in the world.

Sources also anticipated that the other companies like Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung, etc. will also follow this approach shortly, if Oppo Reno performed well in the country. Also, the best thing is that you don’t have to pay unnecessary taxes to get your favourite phone in your hand as quickly as possible. As the company will launch it first in India, you won’t have to get it imported from foreign countries to get it quickly.


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