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How To Use Smartphone As A Microphone For PC

There is no doubt that all the laptop computer comes with a built-in microphone. But the sound quality of the microphone is not so good. And a microphone is very important for audio recording, video calling, voice chat and even for making tutorials on a laptop computer. Here in this article, you are going to find How To Use Smartphone As A Microphone For PC to improve your audio quality.

If you are a beginner YouTuber and you need a microphone to record your voice, then I will suggest you use your smartphone built-in microphone. Nowadays smartphones come with a good quality microphone. And it will save your money because a good quality microphone will cost your around 1000 INR.

So lets come back to point ” How To Use Smartphone As A Microphone For PC “. There are lots of ways to use your smartphone as a microphone for your PC. Here we suggest you the best way to do.

How To Use Smartphone As A Microphone For PC

Step 1) Install Wo Mic

Download an Application called “Wo Mic”. With the help of this application, we can use our smartphone as a mic. This application allows you to connect your smartphone via USB, WiFi and Bluetooth. First, download the application and install it. To download click this link.Install Wo Mic

Step 2) Give The Permissions

Give the required permission, don’t worry it will only ask for mic and USB debugging permission. To give USB debugging permission first you have to enable developer mode in your android smartphone. For that go to about phone and tap the MIUI version for 7 times. And then go to developer option and enable USB debugging.

Wo mic Permissions

Step 3) Install Wo Mic Client 

Now you have to download and install two software on your computer.

  1. Wo Mic Software
  2. Wo Mic Driver for windows

You can download them by visiting the official website.

Step 4) Connect the Mic

Connect your smartphone to your computer with the help of USB and open Wo Mic application. In-app Settings, choose the transport you intend. Leave other options as default and come back to main UI and click Start.

Then open Wo Mic Client software on your computer and click Connection > Connect and in transport dialog box, select the same transport as you did on the phone and then click Ok. Once the Wo Mic client shows to be connected, you can choose WO Mic as the microphone device.

Wo mic usb transport settings

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