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How to Send WhatsApp Messages in Different Fonts Style

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application. It offers you voice messages, text messages, audio, and video calls, and other forms of media such as image, contact, documents, and many more. Initially, WhatsApp was a separate company now it is owned by Facebook.

WhatsApp can be used on any platform, you can use it on Android, IOS, PC, and macOS. Here in this article, we are going to discuss “How to Send WhatsApp Messages in Different Fonts Style” such as bold, italic,delete, and more

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How to Send WhatsApp Messages in Different Fonts Style

Here are the ways to send those:

  1. Bold: For that write you WhatsApp Message between asterisk ( * ). For example to send hello in bold just write *hello*
  2. Italic: For italic, write the message between underscores ( _ ). Here is an example of italic message _hello_
  3. Delete: For delete text, write your message between ~. For an example ~hello~
  4. Monospace: For monospace, write your message between(“`You_Message“`). Here is an example “`This is WhatsApp Monospace font“`

You can also combine multiple formatting styles (bold, italic or delete) for the same text fragment. If you’re using the character shortcuts (‘*’, ‘_’, ‘~’) for formatting, you need to be mindful of the sequence of characters.

Here is an example if you want to send Combine Bold, Italic and delete fonts in WhatsApp:

~_*This is a sample multi-formatted text*_~

Third-Party Solutions

You can get different font styles in WhatsApp by install third-part application. These apps usually use Unicode characters to type stylized alphabets, numbers, and symbols into your chat messages, which are supported across all platforms. So your receiver doesn’t need any additional app (other than WhatsApp) to read your stylized messages.

On Android, you can use applications like BlueWords or Fancy Text. And if you have iPhone then you need third-party keyboards to send WhatsApp messages in different font style and color. Apps like Better Fonts and Color Texting Messenger can help you.

Note:- These third-party font styles can also be used with other messaging or typing apps other than WhatsApp.

Warpping Up

This is how you can send a different font style message in WhatsApp. Here we discussed some of the popularly sought WhatsApp tricks related to font styles.

If you know of additional text style-based tricks not mentioned in this article, you can share them in the comments below.

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