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How To Enable USB Debugging on Xiaomi Phones

Here you are going to find How To Enable USB Debugging on Xiaomi Phones. We had chosen this topic because most of the Indian smartphone user uses Xioami smartphone. I love Xioami smartphone but I am not a fan of MIUI because I found it quite complicated. You can not find all the setting easily if you are coming for other UI (User Interface). So it gets quite complicated to Enable USB Debugging on Xiaomi Phones. I’ll guide you through the process.

How To Enable USB Debugging on Xiaomi Phones

Before that let me tell you, What is USB Debugging in Android? USB Debugging is a bridge between your Android smartphone and your computer, which allows an Android device to communicate with a PC.

Step 1) Enable Developer Options

First, we have to enable developer options. For that go to settings then click on About phone and find MIUI version. Then click the MIUI version number for 7 times until you get “you are already a developer“. So now you are a developer, now you can enable USB Debugging Mode.

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Enable Developer Options

Step 2) Enabling USB Debugging

For that again go to Settings, then find Additional Settings and look for Developer options. Inside Developer Options, you will find USB Debugging option enable it and it will ask you to allow USB debugging just click on OK.

Enabling USB Debugging

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