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How To Enable Full-Screen Gestures in RealMe Devices

Realme recently launched its own user interface called Realme UI. It comes with all new features and design elements. Features like Swipe down for Home Screen, this feature lets you pull down the notification drawer by swiping down anywhere on the home screen.

It also includes some important features like new Icon Style, Turn on/off Smart Assistant, Realme Share, Floating Calculator, Cache Cleaner, Switch Refresh Rate, Dark Mode, and more.

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How To Enable Full-Screen Gestures in RealMe Devices

Here in this blog, we will discuss How To Enable Full-Screen Gestures in RealMe Devices based on new Realme UI.

If you also want to use your phone using gestures just like the iPhone then you can enable Full-Screen Gestures Navigation from the settings.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Look for Convenient Tools in the settings menu

Step 3: Click on Convenient Tools and then click on Navigation Buttons. Inside you will find three navigation mode

  1. Swipe Gestures for Both Sides
  2. Virtual Buttons
  3. More

Step 4: Select Swipe Gestures for Both Sides

Note:- There are some useful tweaks related to the gestures navigation, enable them according to your convenience for a better experience.

How To Enable One-Hand Mode

You can also use your Realme device with one hand by enabling one-handed mode. 

To enable one-handed mode, just go to Settings > Convenient Tools > Navigation Buttons > enable Pull Down to Enter One-Handed Mode

Now, you can simply swipe down on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to go into the one-handed mode. To exit the one-handed mode, tap the full-screen button provided.

Wrapping up

This way you can enable gestures navigation in your Realme Device. If you know any trick about the Realme UI then share with us in the comments to helps others too.

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