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FaceApp Explained: Is it safe or not?

Have you heard about the all-new FaceApp application that is getting viral nowadays? Have you used it? After having the first glance of this app, it is quite surprising how this small app could make everyone look older and that too so efficiently.

With this article, we will tell you about the primary system that works behind the application. We will also uphold some other features of this extraordinary mobile application.

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What is FaceApp?

Change you face with FaceApp

FaceApp is a new application for both Android and iOS platform. Wireless Lab created this versatile mobile application. The basic functionality of this application is that it has some extraordinary filters that are just amazing.

A filter that makes you look older is the highly-used and most famous filter of this application. All the aspects of this application are possible just because of the artificial intelligence system built in it. 

FaceApp and AI

Let us have a look at how this all-new mobile application implements artificial intelligence. Under AI, there is a term that is known as image recognition. It works by profoundly scanning your face. This deep scan covers your facial hairs and even the pores of your face. This is the only reason behind FaceApp’s high-quality performance. 

Other features of FaceApp

The old-age filter is quite viral right now. But it is not the only thing that this app can do. There are some other filters included too, such as eye-shadow and lipstick filter. FaceApp also includes the lens blur feature and offers various filters for changing your hairstyle. 

In addition, this application provides some beard filters and a few other newly added filters.

Is it safe or not?

So you must have heard about the viral posts which state that FaceApp is not safe and it can utilize your face photos for mischievous use. But that’s not true. The application is entirely safe, and the problem arises if you have installed any application, which is not secure and have access to your camera and gallery. This is where you can face difficulties. However, you can have a look at the settings of FaceApp application in your mobile and can change the settings according to your convenience. 

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