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How to Use Incognito Mode in YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform and a second search engine after Google. On YouTube, we watch different types of videos, the history of these videos are saved on the YouTube Application. Yes, history can be deleted from the YouTube Application. But all the data such as YouTube watch and search history are collected by Google and are save on your Google account. Now if you want to browse YouTube in the Incognito Mode without saving such things then it is possible.

When you use Incognito Mode in YouTube Application, you’ll be temporarily logged out of the Google account so that you can use YouTube without saving the watch history. And also Google will not able to collect you YouTube watch and search history of your Google account.

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Update the YouTube App

If you are running the older version of the YouTube app, then you need to update the YouTube application to enjoy Incognito Mode. Here are steps to update it:

  1. Open Google Play Store and search for YouTube application
  2. Check if the app shows the “Update” button instead of the “Install” button.
  3. Tap on “Update” button to start the downloading of the latest version on YouTube Application.

Enable Incognito Mode in the YouTube App

Follow this simple steps to enable incognito mode in the YouTube Application:

Step 1: Open the YouTube application and tap on your profile on the top-right corner. Here, tap on “Turn on Incognito“.

Turn on Incognito 1
Turn on Incognito 2

Step 2: It will alert you about the changes. Tap on “Got It” and you are into Incognito Mode. Now you can use YouTube without any fear of data collection.

Note:- In the Incognito Mode, the profile icon will be replaced by a black incognito symbol and on the bottom of the screen there will be a message “You’re incognito

You're incognito 1
You're incognito 2

Step 3: Note that, the YouTube app will remain in Incognito mode unless you switch back to your Google account. To go back, tap on the Incognito icon on the top-right corner and tap on “Turn off Incognito”.

Turn off Incognito 1
Turn off Incognito 2

Once you are in the Incognito Mode, you can now browse any video and watch any video you want. YouTube application will no longer save your YouTube watch and search history.

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