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Enable Dark Mode on Redmi Note 5 and Any Xiaomi Devices

Recently Redmi Note 5 got MIUI 11 update with lots of important updates and features. When it comes to the update itself, Xiaomi has made a lot of visual changes this year so that is quite exciting. But one of the most awaited features was missing that is the dark mode feature. 

On most of the Xiamio Devices MIUI 11 comes with dark mode features. It is justing missing on Redmi Note 5/5 Pro. Today here we are going to discuss How to Enable Dark Mode on Redmi Note 5 and Any Xiaomi Devices.

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How to Enable Dark Mode in MIUI 11

If your device is eligible for dark mode in MIUI 11 then you can force any app to adopt to dark mode. It’s very easy for you to set the system-wide dark mode feature.

Just do as the following steps:

Step 1. Go to “Settings“.

Step 2. Click “Display“.

Step 3. Hit on “Dark Mode“.

Step 4. Toggle the “Dark mode” button to turn on.

Step 5. Then head to the bottom to toggle the “Global dark mode” button to turn on. Then you can enjoy the system-wide dark mode theme on your Xiaomi phones.

Note:- When you turn on “global dark mode”, it will force all the third-party apps to run in dark mode. But there are also some apps, like What’s app, don’t support dark mode.

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Enable Dark Mode on Redmi Note 5/5 Pro

Here in this section, we are doing to discuss how to enable system-wide dark mode in Redmi Note 5/5 Pro. To enable system-wide dark mode we are going to use a third-party application called “Dark Mode“. Youn can even use the dark theme but I will suggest you use this application. 

When you Use theme it will also change the look and feel of your phone whereas this app will only enable system-wide dark mode.    

NameDark Mode Info
Size2.0 MB
DownloadClick Here

Download the app and install it on your Redmi Note 5/5 Pro. After that open the app and turn on “Night Mode” to enable system-wide dark mode on your device.

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