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How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram

Want to use Dark Mode on Instagram? If you are a fan of dark mode feature then read this article till the end. Here we’re going to discuss “How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram”.

Enabling Dark Mode for Instagram is super easy and it switches all the bright white colour schemes to blacks and grey, which some users may find to be more visually appealing, and some users may prefer to use at night or in darker environments. Besides, you can also save your battery on your AMOLED screen.

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How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram

Officially Instagram supports Dark Mode but there is no option to enable/disable it on the app settings. But there is a trick by which you can easily enable dark mode on Instagram.

Note:- To enable dark mode you don’t need to root your phone and you don’t need to install the third-party Instagram application. 

Just follow the following tricks:

  1. Turn On “Battery Saver” Mode, if you have a stock Android smartphone, Android one phone. “OR”

2. Turn On “Dark Mode” from the phone settings.

3. If both the tricks don’t work, download one application called “Dark Mode” and enable “Night Mode”. This will enable system-wide dark mode on your phone.

After that, the entire UI of Instagram will turn into Dark Mode. Now, if you want to disable Dark Mode on Instagram App then just turn off the above settings. 

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