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Best Microphone Under Budget For YouTube Beginners [Under Rs. 300]

Nowadays everyone wants to become a YouTuber to share their knowledge, to entertain people with their funny videos and to teach some core knowledge on YouTube. However other big YouTuber are doing the same but there is a huge amount of audience to watch your youtube videos. And every YouTuber has their place on YouTube.

So, don’t worry about the audience just focus on what you creating.

To grow an audience base on YouTube, you have to create good quality content. To create good quality you have to make a video in high resolution and with good quality audio. And the most important is the topic in which you are creating a video.

Nowadays everyone has a good quality camera phone. So you can make a good quality video with the help of your smartphone. Because nowadays smartphone camera can capture up to 4K resolution videos.

In this article, we are just going to focus on the audio and how to improve the audio quality. If your video does not have good audio quality then you’ll lose your audience on youtube.

So, first, let us focus on audio.

The Best Microphone Under Budget

Generic lapel mic

If you decided to become a YouTuber and you are very passionate about YouTube. Then read this article in the article you will find some useful information on audio improvement.

If you are a beginner on YouTube then you may not have enough money to buy all the expensive equipment for video production. At the beginning of your YouTube journey just start with your budget. When you make something out of YouTube then go ahead with the equipment that you required for the video production.

So now let us talk about the budget microphone. I’m talking about Generic Mini Lapel Lavalier Microphone, this is the best budget microphone available on the market right now at this price.  The audio quality of the mic is good, not excellent but it is far better than your onboard microphone which is present on your laptop and smartphones.

Build Quality

Now let us talk about the build quality of the microphone. The build quality is good at this price, it is a metal build. The mouthpiece and the clip of the mic are made up of metal. And the wire is around 2 meters long which will cover enough distance from your camera to your mouth. It is an omnidirectional mic which means it will only capture audio for one direction, so this will reduce the background noise.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is good it can capture good quality audio. But it also captures some background noise. To remove background noise from your audio you can use some open-source program. Audacity is the most popular free open-source computer program to remove background noise. It is available for all the major operating system ( Windows, Mac, Linux ).

If you want to buy this mic then the mic is available at Amazon, it is one of the best selling product at Amazon. It will only cost you around Rs. 200 bugs.

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